Crowdsourcing: how to faster end the COVID-19 pandemic?

What kind of measures can help to faster end the COVID-19 pandemic?

Based on Twitter-crowdsourcing campaign for ideas how to faster end the COVID-19 pandemic, the following Personal and Institutional measures have been proposed by the Twitter community (listed alphabetically):


Care for others – User @tomoe_siki underlined the importance of educating people that freedom should not equal selfishness (a personal priority should be not just how to protect oneself but also how to protect others).

Community tracing – User @VermontMelbGuy added that community contact tracing for early detection of exposures can be done via Facebook groups, when state government health departments cannot keep up with outbreak contact tracing and listing of exposure locations. Along the same line, user @prashbio shared link to Indian Guidelines for Contact Tracing of COVID-19 Cases in Community Settings.

Informed choice – User @SerrahL made the point that more people might comply with needed measures if they are properly informed and left with free choice (coming from the perspective that trying to force specific measures often has the opposite effect and induces more resistance than compliance).

Lifestyle modifications – User @liyakat7070, @EddieRDMD, @Wujason9, @MoreauGabarain, @CrocodileChuck, @RakhtanQ and others point out the importance of lifestyle modifications, both for minimizing the chance to contract the disease (e.g., avoidance of crowded areas, more digital payments than cash, preference for dinning outdoor rather than indoor) and for strengthening the general health (e.g., nutritional foods to improve immunity, sufficient physical activity, sufficient sleep, sunlight exposure).

Mental adjustments – User @singh_neuro, @EddieRDMD, @AlQasemJamal and others made the point that immunity is influenced by the mind and the right mindset can strengthen it (don’t be scared, focus on fulfilling activities such as work and on activities associated with positive emotions).

Nutritional supplements – User @bruceonpolitics, @inabster, @boretrol, @WandleHens, @LocalRachel, @DMDent, @DiedaExploring, @armyvet19kilo, @allanfarber and others pointed out the importance of nutritional supplements for strengthening the immune system (including diverse vitamins and minerals).

Traditional medicine – User @elikitty_33, @Nwauka and others pointed out the value of traditional medicine (e.g., traditionally used herbal remedies), which could be of high value for example in world regions where it is difficult to obtain access to modern healthcare.

Trust in experts and compliance with recommended measures – User @Wujason9 pointed out the benefit of more trust in experts (for example in healthcare professionals – the people who are experts in treating patients). Along the same line, user @H3nRasouli recommended ignoring rumors around vaccination against COVID-19. Users @JamesRuddock12, @tioparra, @lipiroy, @JJ_Angelus, @tioparra, @LaraPo8, @NeymarJr1_ and others pointed out the importance of following the conventional protection measures recommended by experts such as masking, distancing, vaccination, hand sanitizing, testing, and isolation/quarantine when being positive/exposed. User @nawaraj96580094 also pointed out the general significance of discipline (for compliance with needed measures).


Breastmilk sharing banks – User @AnnieFeighery suggested the creation of breastmilk sharing banks to spread inoculated milk to more children that are too young to be vaccinated.

Covid-zero approach and stronger focus on containment – User @massimosandal and others pointed out the potential of covid-zero approach to counteract the spread of the disease (such strategy was adopted for example by China, and is characterized on strict quarantines, massive testing and isolation of positive cases, travel restrictions and lockdowns). Along the same line, users @JuhanaHarju, @glixyl, @RichardLuciano1 and others pointed out that in general adopting measures resembling the epidemic policy of East Asian countries would be of benefit. User @EltitiGraphics, @dronita_de , @lamsalebanon1, @Solace92109577, @AlQasemJamal and others point out the importance of better protocols for containment of the spread of the disease, including strategic testing, entry and quarantine restrictions, and contact tracing through apps or other approaches. User @IbrahimSajid97 suggested prophylactic lockdowns in winters (similar to winter breaks in schools).

Faster approvals – User @drgurner and others also pointed out the importance of faster approvals of therapeutic preparations by regulatory agencies (e.g., FDA, EUA), especially when there is sufficient data demonstrating lack of toxicity.

Focus on early detection – User @EltitiGraphics, @AlQasemJamal and others also point out the importance of better protocols for early detection of the disease. Along the same line, user @Astro_Erik suggested focus on the development of next generation of viral sensors. User @Udahemuka1 pointed out the benefit of air quality sampling for crowded areas.

Focus on early treatment – User @elikitty_33, @AlQasemJamal and others underline the importance of the timely application of alternative early treatments that should be applied before the disease worsens.

Utilization of preventatives and disinfectants – User @drgurner, @madbalger and others pointed out the importance of more focus on preventatives such as nasal sprays or mouthwashes. User @LaraPo8 also pointed out potential role of new technologies for disinfection.

Free N95 masks – User @Biomaven, @Golpeporgolpe, @tapati, @jsparklin27, @ralzahrani2020 and others proposed the distribution of free N95-quality masks (for everybody, or with priority to specific sections of the society – for example to families that have children visiting school), possibly with attractive designs (for example, with a national flag logo), as well as regulations for mandatory use of N95 masks. User @tulunsokit also emphasized the value of using masks providing better protection.

Free or affordable tests – User @Golpeporgolpe, @ralzahrani2020, @tapati, @ralzahrani2020 and others proposed distribution of free (or at least easy accessible and affordable) tests, most optimally at-home tests for SARS-CoV-2 (for everybody, or with priority to specific sections of the society – for example to families that have children visiting school).

Healthcare accessibility and equity – User @FabianSegarraPR, @lipiroy and others underlined the importance of focus on equity and universal international accessibility to healthcare, including vaccines, tests and prevention-education. User @CrystalTheMaker pointed out that the same focus should be extended also to some rural areas of developed countries. According to user @dagorret, @Prashant1776 , @RakhtanQ, @mbklee_, @lamsalebanon1, @EssarYasir, @IbrahimSajid97, @tulunsokit and others a fast consensus worldwide and global equity efforts (including low-income countries and support for them) is needed on issues such as: a) Vaccines and treatment; b) Coordinated Health Policies; and c) Transparency in information and commitment to bring that information to the entire population.

Infrastructure changes – User @LaraPo8, @Sr0bi, @CrocodileChuck, @tioparra, @tulunsokit and others pointed out the potential of infrastructure modifications (including incorporation of higher standards in building codes) such as quality air filter installations for public buildings, UV air sanitizers in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems installations, better ventilation, and insuring availability of warm water in public buildings (including bathrooms, if not available yet).

Limit commercialization – User @RakhtanQ and others point out the benefits of efforts to prevent commercialization of anything related to COVID-19. As pointed by user @el_ronan of importance is also emergency access to relevant technology and materials regardless of intellectual property. User @Ivn06892384 underlined that especially releasing patents related to vaccines would be of high benefit. User @DrVeronicaOD1 also pointed out the benefit of facilitating cheaper vaccine manufacturing in developing countries without impediments. User @Convinceme18 underlined the benefits of independent overseeing of pharmaceutical programs aiming the development of COVID-19 therapies and vaccines.

Mandates for vaccination and masks – User @jsparklin27 and others pointed out the potential of vaccine mandates and mask mandates.

More focus on medication development – According to user @mansingraj1, @AlQasemJamal and others, stronger industry focus on medication development would be of a strong benefit. Along the same line user @visla98968692 added that a faster progress with the development of therapeutic antibodies should also be a priority.

Portfolio of vaccines – User @Roper_Lab, @TNXP911, @SteveWi74438762, @nawaraj96580094 and others underlined the importance of the availability of portfolio of vaccines that would target more than one protein. Users @TheMeso and @bruceonpolitics also extended on the potential of combined vaccination strategy (e.g., combining mRNA vaccine with vector vaccine in one shot or offering combined vaccine simultaneously targeting influenza and COVID-19). User @VJ_Ulaganathan pointed out the particular promise of polyvalent inactivated vaccines. Users @EwingT_PhD and @sumitup46797422 proposed the development of aerosolized vaccines, which can be used for large-scale vaccination campaigns in specific settings (with aerosolized inoculation that closely matches natural exposures in public spaces to aerosolized virus from people breathing nearby indoors).

Psychological care – User @DrVeronicaOD1 and others pointed out the importance of psychological care efforts at institutional level, for example targeting patients (e.g., allowing hospital visitors in proper personal protective equipment) as well as workers (e.g., integrating proper trauma and grief orientated psychological care on-site in work places).

Public dialog, and science-based education and policies – User @MojcaHri, @tioparra and others underlined the importance of more pronounced public dialog involving better explanation on which measures are taken and why. User @tioparra, @RakhtanQ, @dronita_de and others underlined the importance of science-based education and communication efforts worldwide in order to bring to people reliable information for scientifically proven approaches for prevention and therapy, as well as to eliminate the communication gap between antivaxers and the scientific community. User @MapahlaLovemore pointed out that of benefit would be policies that are based on science and not on political motivation. User @LaraPo8 and @Solace92109577 pointed out the relevance of broadcasting science-based educational video clips. User @Csisc1994 also underlined the importance of reliance of the expertise of independent scientific bodies, the recommendations of which would not be politically motivated.

Rewards for adherence – User @NawazFaisal_ai and others propose the introduction of reward systems for those who adhere to recommended measures to combat COVID-19. User @stnarcnesor suggested in particular personal financial incentives for each received vaccination shot.

Shielding of vulnerable – User @DMDent and others pointed out the benefit of strategies focusing on shielding vulnerable population (for example separation of hospitals in which elderly are admitted and hospitals in which COVID-19 is treated).

Strategic funding – User @ralzahrani2020, @el_ronan, @ralzahrani2020 and others pointed out the importance of strategic funding, for example in infrastructure and resources for viral sequencing to track variants. User @VJ_Ulaganathan pointed out the benefit of a vaccination strategy that would prioritize vaccination of vulnerable population groups first.

Unbiased data – User @Wujason9 pointed out the benefit of more unbiased data analysis that will bring more clarity for the development of the pandemic (as example, bias can arise when counting together data derived with different tests, such as antigen or PCR-based). User @rgvarma1100 noted that better quality control for PCR-derived data might be of interest. User @Backoff11111 pointed out the need for more transparent data. User @chemobrainfog pointed out remote clinical trials as a powerful tool that can yield valuable data.