DHPSP Networking Event 2024

When:             June 18-20, 2024

Where:            Entirely online, on X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn.

Who:               Everybody interested in digital health and patient safety is welcome to participate.

How:               Share relevant posts on X (Twitter) or LinkedIn using the hashtag #DHPSP2024 during the event period, June 18-20, 2024. Both text-only posts, as well as posts containing images or video clips are welcome.

What:              Contributions are welcome in the following formats, among others:

Showcasing (own) Research:

  • Share insights from recent scientific publications.
  • Example (LinkedIn): “In our recent scientific publication, we demonstrate ….#DHPSP2024”

Example Previous Post (featuring different hashtags, #DigitalHealth #research #globalhealth)

Collaboration Calls:

  • Seek partners for joint projects.
  • Example (X/Twitter): “Searching for collaboration partners to do a joint work on …#DHPSP2024”

Example Previous Post (featuring different hashtags, #DHPSP #PublicHealth #SciComm)

Job Postings:

  • Announce open positions.
  • Example (X/Twitter): “Funded PhD position available at … #DHPSP2024”

Example Previous Post (featuring a different hashtag, #DHPSP)

Special Issue Announcements:

  • Invite submissions to journal special issues.
  • Example (X/Twitter): “I am inviting submissions to the special issues … #DHPSP2024”

Example Previous Post (featuring different hashtags, #DHPSP #MedTwitter #SocialMedia #DigitalHealth #Healthcare #Health #Science #SciComm #DataScience #Research)

Networking Messages:

  • Connect with others in the field.
  • Example (X/Twitter): “I am new on Twitter and would like to connect with people interested in digital health … #DHPSP2024”

Example Previous Post (featuring different hashtags, #Cheminformatics #INPST #NPMND #DHPSP #docking #QSAR #Homologymodeling #ADMET #Metabolicdisorder #Cancer #diabetes #AcademicTwitter)

Conferences Announcements:

  • Promote upcoming meetings or conferences.
  • Example (X/Twitter): “Our 2024 annual meeting will take place … #DHPSP2024”

Example Previous Post (featuring a different hashtag, #DHPSP)

Publication Links:

  • Share links to relevant new publications.
  • Example (LinkedIn): “This is one of the most interesting digital health-related studies that I have recently read … #DHPSP2024”

Example Previous Post (featuring different hashtags, #DHPSP #DigitalHealth)


  • Conduct polls to gather opinions.
  • Example (X/Twitter): “What is your opinion on … #DHPSP2024”

Example Previous Post (featuring different hashtags, #COVID19vaccines #COVID19vaccination #DHPSP)

Seminar or Lecture Announcements:

  • Announce webinars or seminars.
  • Example (X/Twitter): “I will present a webinar next week on the topic …#DHPSP2024”

Example Previous Post (featuring different hashtags, #telemedicine #DHPSP #DigitalHealth #scicomm)

Job Searches:

  • Look for new positions or opportunities.
  • Example: “I am looking for a postdoc position in the area of … #DHPSP2024”

Product/Service Showcases:

  • Present new technologies or services.
  • Example: “We developed a telemedicine solution that is able to… #DHPSP2024”

Please note that the examples provided above feature different hashtags, and the new posts that will be shared as a part of the 2024 networking event should specifically mention #DHPSP2024 (other hashtags can also be included in the posts together with #DHPSP2024).

Any other kind of digital health or patient safety-related posts are also welcome! Don’t miss out! Join us from June 18-20, 2024, on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn. Use #DHPSP2024 to connect, share, and engage with thousands of digital health and patient safety professionals. Prepare your intended posts today and start expanding your network!

For enquiries, you are welcome to reach out to Dr Atanas G. Atanasov on the following email address: Atanas.Atanasov@dhps.lbg.ac.at


1. Maria Kletecka-Pulker, et al., Impacts of biomedical hashtag-based Twitter campaign: #DHPSP utilization for promotion of open innovation in digital health, patient safety, and personalized medicine, Current Research in Biotechnology, Volume 3, 2021, Pages 146-153, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.crbiot.2021.04.004

2. Rajeev K. Singla, et al., The International Natural Product Sciences Taskforce (INPST) and the power of Twitter networking exemplified through #INPST hashtag analysis, Phytomedicine, Volume 108, 2023, 154520, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.phymed.2022.154520


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