Digital Pills with Ingestible Sensors: Patent Landscape Analysis


The modern healthcare system is directly related to the development of digital health tools and solutions. Pills with digital sensors represent a highly innovative class of new pharmaceuticals. The aim of this work was to analyze the patent landscape and to systematize the main trends in patent protection of digital pills with ingestible sensors worldwide; accordingly, to identify the patenting leaders as well as the main prevailing areas of therapy for patent protection, and the future perspectives in the field. In July 2022, a search was conducted using Internet databases, such as the EPO, USPTO, FDA and the Lens database. The patent landscape analysis shows an increase in the number of patents related to digital pills with ingestible sensors for mobile clinical monitoring, smart drug delivery, and endoscopy diagnostics. The leaders in the number of patents issued are the United States, the European Patent Office, Canada, Australia, and China. The following main areas of patenting digital pills with ingestible sensors were identified: treatment in the field of mental health; HIV/AIDS; pain control; cardiovascular diseases; diabetes; gastroenterology (including hepatitis C); oncology; tuberculosis; and transplantology. The development of scientific and practical approaches towards the implementation of effective and safe digital pills will improve treatment outcomes, increase compliance, reduce hospital stays, provide mobile clinical monitoring, have a positive impact on treatment costs and will contribute to increased patient safety.

Full text: Litvinova O, Klager E, Tzvetkov NT, Kimberger O, Kletecka-Pulker M, Willschke H, Atanasov AG. Digital Pills with Ingestible Sensors: Patent Landscape Analysis. Pharmaceuticals (Basel). 2022 Aug 19;15(8):1025. doi: 10.3390/ph15081025. PMID: 36015173; PMCID: PMC9415622.

Keywords: clinical monitoring; digital pill; ingestible sensor; medication adherence; patent