Feature on healthtech influencers

Atanas G. Atanasov
Handle: @atanas

Who? Atanasov is a scientist in molecular medicine and digital health, as well as the editor-in-chief for CRBIOTECH, a biotech journal.

Why should you care? An expert in medicine and a recognised biotech influencer, Atanasov strives to better understand the mechanisms that regulate health and disease and has carried out leading research in areas such as drug discovery.

How about those tweets? Atanasov is a pro at helping his followers understand the complexities of medicine, biotech and digital health, and often calls out new digital health innovations, such as the AI applications that can help healthcare. Also, if you want to learn the latest ins and outs behind very specific topics around Covid-19, like whether you’re sick for life after getting the disease, Atanasov has been hot on such posts recently.

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