Stress Monitoring and Recent Advancements in Wearable Biosensors


The stress response allows the body to overcome obstacles and prepare for threats, but sustained levels of stress can damage one’s health. Stress has long been measured through physical tests and questionnaires that rely primarily on user-inputted data, which can be subjective and inaccurate. To quantify the amount of stress that the body is experiencing biologically, analytical detection of biomarkers associated with the stress response recently have been developed. Novel stress sensing devices focus on cortisol sweat sensing as a part of wearable, flexible devices. These devices promise a real-time, continuous collection of stress data that can be used in clinical diagnoses or for personal stress monitoring and mediation.

Read full text: Samson C and Koh A (2020) Stress Monitoring and Recent Advancements in Wearable Biosensors. Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol. 8:1037. doi: 10.3389/fbioe.2020.01037

Keywords: stress biomarkers, stress sensors, wearable cortisol sensors, skin-interfaced cortisol sensors, stress analysis and evaluation, #Wearable, #Wearables.