Low-Cost AI-Empowered Stethoscope and a Model for Detecting Cardiac and Respiratory Diseases

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Cardiac and respiratory diseases are the primary causes of health problems. If we can automate anomalous heart and lung sound diagnosis, we can improve the early detection of disease and enable the screening of a wider population than possible with manual screening. We propose a lightweight yet powerful model for simultaneous lung and heart sound diagnosis, which is deployable in an embedded low-cost device and is valuable in remote areas or developing countries where Internet access may not be available. We trained and tested the proposed model with the ICBHI and the Yaseen datasets. The experimental results showed that our 11-class prediction model could achieve 99.94% accuracy, 99.84% precision, 99.89% specificity, 99.66% sensitivity, and 99.72% F1 score. We designed a digital stethoscope (around USD 5) and connected it to a low-cost, single-board-computer Raspberry Pi Zero 2W (around USD 20), on which our pretrained model can be smoothly run. This AI-empowered digital stethoscope is beneficial for anyone in the medical field, as it can automatically provide diagnostic results and produce digital audio records for further analysis.

Full text: Zhang M, Li M, Guo L, Liu J. A Low-Cost AI-Empowered Stethoscope and a Lightweight Model for Detecting Cardiac and Respiratory Diseases from Lung and Heart Auscultation Sounds. Sensors (Basel). 2023 Feb 26;23(5):2591. doi: 10.3390/s23052591. PMID: 36904794; PMCID: PMC10007545.

Keywords: digital stethoscope; cardiac diseases; lung respiratory diseases; deep learning; random forest